Classes and Times

We cater for 4 levels of Judo at the Dublin School of Judo

· Beginner
· Improver
· Intermediate
· Senior

For more information about our coaches please see the coaching staff page.

Teenage & Adult Judo

Beginners – Teenagers & Adults: 6-week introduction course with 2 sessions per week.
This course will introduce students to the basics of judo, including balance, co-ordination, gymnastics, fitness, etc.
During this course we will teach students how to fall correctly, throw each other to the ground & pin opponents on the ground using hold-down techniques.
This course will prepare students to take their first Grading Examination with JudoIreland.
Classes – Mon & Weds 8.30 – 9.45pm
Course Fee €120.00

Next Course starts Monday 14 September 2009

Improvers – This course is for those students who have completed their beginners course. It will also run twice weekly for a 6-week period.
Our improvers course will include additional throwing & holding techniques, more advanced breakfalls as well as an introduction to armlock & strangle techniques. We will also introduce students to the Go-no-Sen-no-Kata.
By the end of this course students should be ready to advance to Yellow belt under the JudoIreland Grading Syllabus
Intermediate – This course will cater for students who wish to improve their technique. Technical training as well as match fitness will be introduced.
More advance throwing & ground techniques will be introduced as well as development of the Go-no-Sen-no-Kata and the Nage-no-kata.
Preparation for Orange & Green Belt Gradings with JudoIreland will be the focus of these classes.
Course Fee €120.00

Next Course starts Monday 02 November 2009

Senior – These classes will run 3 times per week & cater for the more advance judoka (judo player). Judoka wishing to compete in judo tournaments as well as advanced senior judo Gradings with JudoIreland will benefit from training with our most experienced judo coaches.
Classes – Mon, Weds & Fri 7 – 8.30 pm

New term starts Monday 07 September 2009

Womens Judo

Women are welcome to join in our other judo courses, but we will also cater for those who prefer to train with other women only.
With this in mind we will run 10-week women only judo courses, once a week.
Similar to our regular beginner course we will focus on the basics of judo, including balance, co-ordination, gymnastics, fitness, etc.
Classes – Tuesday 8.30 – 9.45 pm
Course Fee €90.00

Next Course starts Tuesday 15 September 2009

Childrens Judo

Childrens judo forms a very important part of our Judo School. All children members must join a ‘beginners Judo Course’ and progress on
to the main judo class.The initial course will include lots of exercises & games, which will help, improve our younger members balance & co-ordination, leading to
improved self-confidence. Many other sports use Judo as part of their players training programme.
Our club will be divided into different age groups
Course Fee €65.00

Koka kids 4 – 7 year olds Weds 4-5 pm
Kiai Club 8 – 12 year old beginners Weds 5-6 pm

Next Course starts Wednesday 09 September 2009

Samurais 8 – 12 year old Club class Weds & fri 6-7 pm

Players of White/Yellow belt & above may progress to the Club class, subject to their coaches permission.
This group will learn more advanced techniques, kata & competitive judo to help them advance to higher grades & enter competition.
Course Fee €80.00

Next term starts Wednesday 09 September 2009

Private Judo Lessons

Private Judo lessons can be arranged for groups or individuals with our professional coaches for those who wish to learn judo on a one to one basis. These classes can be arranged by contacting the office.
Prices on application.